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13/10/2011 - Statement: The Wall Street Journal Europe

13/10/2011 - Statement: The Wall Street Journal Europe


There has been widespread coverage about some aspects of the Wall Street Journal Europe's circulation in the press.

When the scheme under question, between the WSJE and ELP was originally set up  in 2009, it was reviewed by ABC and deemed to be compliant with the rules  in force in that sector, International Publications, for 'Multiple Copy Subscription Sales' .  The audit carried out on the July-December 2010 circulation also found the scheme to be in order.  More recently we have re-examined the scheme based on some new evidence available. There now appears to be additional new information which may give grounds for further investigation.

The  investigation of formal complaints, and the complaints themselves, are strictly confidential until a decision has been reached and upheld on appeal if the member chooses to do so. This will also include any corrective actions deemed necessary. If a complaint is upheld after investigation, it will be published on our website (www.abc.org.uk).  The results of investigations where the complaint is not upheld are not made public. 

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