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Our reports

We publish a range of reports throughout the year for various sectors. The reports are available to signed in ABC Members and users that have paid to access them (find out more). The report archive holds all the published reports going back to the year 2000.

The calendar at the bottom of the page shows when the reports are to be released.

If you are looking to create your own reports then please visit ABC QuickView

Our reports:

National Newspapers

Access reportsContaining products like the Mirror, Daily Mail, Financial Times, Sun on Sunday, Observer. 

The reports are issued each month usually around the 2nd Friday of the month. For a full list of release dates please view the calendar below. 

Consumer Magazines

Access reportsContaining products like Hello!, TV Times, ShortList, FHM this report lists the circulation and distribution for the last 6 month period. This is either Jan - Jun or July - Dec.

The data is released in the middle of February (Dec end period) and the middle of August (Jun end period) each year.

Business Media

Access reportsAn interactive report containing all Business Media products. Print, Web, Events, Emails, Digital Products and Social Media are included.

The data is released twice a year and cover the previous Year's data.

Regional Publications

Access reportsContaining local newspapers and publications, this report lists the circulation and distribution for the last 6 month period. This is either Jan - Jun or Jul - Dec.

The report is released at the end of February (Dec end period) and the end of August (Jun end period) each year.

Monthly Multi-Platform report

Access reportsContaining the print and online figures for products audited monthly. This mainly means the National Newspapers but can include other products that report monthly.

The report is issued near the end of each month.

Bulk Distribution

Access reportsA monthly report in line with the National Newspapers report which contains data on the Bulk Distribution titles like the Metro and City AM.

Island of Ireland report

Access reportsA report we issue twice a year containing products from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland across all sectors.

Six Monthly Multi-platform report

Access reportsIssued twice a year at the same time as the Regional publications report it contains data for the regional news websites and their associated print publications. 

When are the next reports released

(reports are available at at noon on the day of release)

Can't access these reports?

You need to be Logged in and either be either an ABC member or a subscriber with a valid subscription.  If you are an ABC member but cannot access the reports then please contact your account manager or call +44 1442 200736 with details of your membership.

For information on the subscriptions we have available please visit our subscriptions page