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Brand Safety

Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG)

The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) is a UK group comprising representatives of the entire digital display advertising market.

In December 2013 JICWEBS, the joint industry committee that sets digital measurement and reporting standards, approved the DTSG’s proposed ‘UK Good Practice Principles for the Trading of Digital Display Advertising’ and ABC were approved as the first independent Verification Provider for these Principles.

For more information on the DTSG and our Verification service click here. 

Social Video Certification

Social Video is defined as non-interruptive, user initiated video and is a rapidly growing area.

The Social Video Code builds from the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles and has been created to specifically target brand safety in this increasingly popular platform.

For more information on Social Video Certification click here

Content Verification (CV)

CV products block or report, in real time, the serving of online advertising onto destinations that have been defined as inappropriate to the campaign. We have released certificates verifying the capability of three CV products across ten performance indicators as defined by JICWEBS.

For more information on our CV Certification click here.

For information on any of the above please contact: enquiries@abc.org.uk

As online display advertising becomes increasingly automated, we must ensure our clients’ brands appear on appropriate websites. Content verification products have a lot to offer in this area and ABC’s independent certification provides the transparency needed to grow trust in this technology.

Justin Taylor, MD, MEC

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