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Our Verification service for the DTSG

The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) is a UK group comprising representatives of the entire digital display advertising market, including trade bodies the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and ISBA – the Voice of British Advertisers.

In December 2013 JICWEBS approved the DTSG’s proposed UK Good Practice Principles for the Trading of Digital Display Advertising. These Principles are aimed at minimising the risk of display advertising misplacement.

We are the first Verification Provider approved by JICWEBS for these Principles. As an approved Verification Provider, we can independently assess whether your organisation meets the standards set out in the principles.

Here is a list of companies who have earned the DTSG Seal of Compliance with ABC.

To talk about our verification service for the DTSG please contact enquiries@abc.org.uk

Useful Links:

For more information on the DTSG please visit www.jicwebs.org


“ABC were fantastic in helping us understand the principles. Securing the DTSG Seal is a great achievement for our business and provides an important assurance to our partners”

Scott Burford, Business Development Manager, Microsoft Advertising

"We want a straightforward set of principles that cut right across the industry which is why we support the work of the DTSG."

Nigel Gwilliam, Head of Digital, IPA