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Brand Safety Certification

The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) is a cross industry working group managed by JICWEBS.

The DTSG created a set of Principles aimed at minimising the risk of ad misplacement. The ultimate goal is to protect advertising brands from appearing next to content that could damage their reputation.

Our role is to independently assess whether a business is compliant with the DTSG Principles. Upon successful completion, businesses are issued a Certificate and Seal of Compliance from JICWEBS, demonstrating their commitment to brand safety. 

To find out more please contact enquiries@abc.org.uk

See below for our list of DTSG certified businesses:

Organisation Logo Date seal is valid to: Reports/ Certificates
ad2one Ltd
May 2017 View
Jan 2017 View
Amnet Amnet Sept 2017 View
Sept 2017 View
Feb 2017 View
Collective Europe
Dec 2017 View
April 2017 View
Crimtan Crimtan
May 2017 View
Criteo May 2017 View
Exponential Interactive Exponential Interactive
May 2017 View 
GroupM Connect Programmatic

Nov 2017 View
InSkin Media June 2017 View
MaxPoint maxpoint March 2017 View
MediaIQ Media IQ July 2017 View
Opera Mediaworks Dec 2016 View
Perform Group   Perform logo May 2017 View 
Pulsepoint Pulsepoint August 2017 View
May 2017 View
May 2017 View
Specific Media
May 2017 View


Jan 2017 View
Switch Concepts Ltd   April 2017 View
The Exchange Lab  Nov 2017 View
TubeMogul, Inc TubeMogul
May 2017 View
Unruly Unruly
May 2017 View
Ve Interactive

March 2017 View
Vibrant Media Vibrant Media
May 2017 View

Videology March 2017 View
VivaKi VivaKi Jan 2017 View
Xaxis       Aug 2017 View
Yahoo! Sept 2017 View

Sept 2017 View

"We want a straightforward set of principles that cut right across the industry which is why we support the work of the DTSG."

Nigel Gwilliam, Head of Digital, IPA


“We’re very pleased to have retained our DTSG certification for another year - we take our clients’ brand safety extremely seriously, and the DTSG Seal of Compliance is a way we can prove it” 

Jason Trout, UK MD, Exponential