We've reached a landmark - a 90th birthday!

Today, 14th October 2021, we reach a landmark that any business would be proud of - a 90th birthday!

In 1931 the industry had an issue; Advertisers were being lied to in an attempt to gain more money from ad revenue. So ISBA set out with a simple objective, to find a reliable way to differentiate between media owners they could trust and those they couldn’t.  This led to the creation of ABC.  

And there’s a reason we still exist today. The issue of fraudulent claims wouldn’t be out of place in today’s headlines. In our complex digital market there remains a constant battle to gain advertiser spend. Some of it is legitimate, some of it is murky, some of it remains dishonest.

We pride ourselves in maintaining our ‘traditional’ heritage business of auditing magazine and newspaper publishers, while developing a significant and growing position in the world of digital ad trading. Whether that be the high-profile topics of brand safety, ad fraud, privacy or viewability, we’re providing our stamp of trust, aiming to deliver the perfect combo of old meets new.

In celebration of today’s big number, we’re congregating for a Company Away Day (yes, face to face!) to recognise all that we’ve achieved and all that we’re striving to achieve. We’ll be listening to some motivational speakers while eating chocolate cake… a great business combo.

90 group staff photo

"In any 90-year heritage there are inevitably ups and downs, but ABC has consistently shown an ability to adapt to the changes facing the industry and its members while balancing the needs of all parties.

While the industry has changed out of all recognition, with developments accelerating incredibly in the 30 years since the advent of the world wide web, the fundamental requirements of trading have remained constant; Trustworthy, transparent, timely data is a must for advertisers now as it was in 1931."

Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA

"A whole-hearted congratulations on your 90 years. Throughout that time ABC has retained its relevance, its badge of trust and status as an independent and accountable auditor. You’re a great example to all of us of how a JIC can work for the benefit of the entire industry"

Belinda Beeftink, Research Director, IPA

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