UK Online Measurement (UKOM)

UKOM is a cross-industry body, set up to ensure credible measurement of people's use of online media, through a single audience measurement supplier.

comScore was chosen by UKOM as being best suited to support the needs of the industry in planning brand advertising online. Their services combine traditional research methodologies with browsing data. ABC certification of the server data in comScore systems is integral to providing a credible system overall.

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About comScore

comScore, Inc. is a global leader in digital measurement and analytics, delivering insights on consumers’ web, mobile and TV behaviour that enable clients to maximise the value of their digital investments. ABC’s certification covers comScore Direct’s PC, Mac, mobile and tablet census traffic measurement and the filtration of invalid traffic. The audit covers the internal reporting for publishers of census traffic counts for Page Impressions and Unique Browsers across websites in the UK. Data from comScore Direct is a core component of the UKOM approved online audience measurement product, comScore MMX™, and its Unified Digital Measurement™ methodology.

ABC certification offers important, independent validation against JICWEBS industry agreed standards and demonstrates comScore’s continued commitment to delivering industry accredited digital audience measurement services to enable more accurate media planning decisions. ABC has previously audited the mobile operator network census data in the comScore GSMA Mobile Media Metrics service.