Compliance & complaints

ABC’s compliance function covers:

  • The maintenance and updating of ABC Reporting Standards
  • The maintenance and updating of the ABC Byelaws
  • The handling of complaints about ABC members’ and non-members’ compliance with our Reporting Standards or Byelaws.


Complaints procedure

Most complaints we receive are made by ABC members about other ABC members and relate to the use, or misuse of the ABC logo, ABC certified figures or other data. However it is open to anyone involved in the buying or selling of advertising to tell us about possible infringements by a member.

If you feel an ABC member has infringed the ABC Reporting Standards or Byelaws you may inform us and we will look into your complaint. Section 3 of the byelaws details the publicity requirements for print media sectors. The Reporting Standards for particular sectors may contain publicity rules specific to that sector.

If you are an ABC member please submit an official complaint using the notification of complaint form together with the relevant document or article which you are complaining about. Section 12 of the ABC Byelaws details the Official Complaints Procedure.

We may look into informal complaints in certain circumstances, depending on the nature of the complaint.

We would also like to hear from you if you have a complaint against a media owner which is not a member of ABC who you feel is misrepresenting ABC or ABC data.

We publish upheld official complaints concerning ABC members on our website and via our eAlerts notifications. Complaints that are not upheld remain confidential.

What happens after you've made a complaint?

Below is a summary of the official complaints procedure applicable to ABC members - please refer to section 12 of the Byelaws for the full procedure.

Complaints Process