Our affiliates

Companies which are working in areas of the media industry not covered by our Associate Scheme, can become Affiliates. Typically, these companies are seeking to develop and deliver new approaches to media opportunities and new technologies where currently no industry-agreed standards exist.

Affiliates want to build a formal relationship with us to support working towards the establishment of new industry-agreed standards for their sector, product and service.  In particular, they wish to help fund the development of an effective and hence respected certification service from ABC to check compliance with these new standards.

The companies listed in the table below have registered with us as Affiliates:

Company Sector Company URL
Whistl (Doordrop Media) Ltd Targeted Media www.idoordrop.com
Forensiq Ad Fraud www.forensiq.com
Enbrite.ly Ad Fraud www.enbrite.ly


Unlike our Associates, Affiliates are not ABC Members. As they have not had their product or service accredited by us, to industry-agreed standards, they cannot use the ABC logo. In the future, Affiliates may become Associates, once their product or service has been accredited by us. Associates can use the ABC logo to promote their accredited status (and as they are Members, qualify for access to our archive data.)

For more information on becoming an Affiliate and working with us, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..