Our partners

We work with a wide variety of companies, trade bodies and other organisations to raise industry standards for media measurement.

We also work with carefully selected commercial partners to help bring valued services to our Members. 


JICWEBS (the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland) is a body created by the UK and Ireland media industry. Its purpose is to ensure independent development and ownership of standards for measuring on a site-centric, census basis audience reach, frequency and activity levels including the use and effectiveness of advertising on digital media.

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The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising - promoting the value of Agencies

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ISBA represents advertisers. They have a dual role: to protect the freedom to advertise responsibly, and to enhance the effectiveness of our members by delivering substantial and tangible commercial benefits including cost savings, guidance and skills training.


The News Media Association is the voice of national, regional and local news media organisations in the UK - a £6 billion sector read by 42 million adults every month in print and online. The NMA was formed in 2014 from the former organisations, the NPA and the NS. The NMA exists to promote the interests of news media publishers to Government, regulatory autorities, industry bodies and other organisations whose work affects the industry.  www.newsmediauk.org/


The UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP) is an industry body representing digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content. AOP champions the interests of media owners from diverse backgrounds including newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, and pure online media.

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PPA is one of the UK’s largest and most effective trade associations, and is one of the leading magazine trade bodies worldwide. Their job is to promote the interests of the UK magazine and business media industry in every way possible.

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The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the trade association for online advertising. With over 540 members, it's run for the leading media owners and agencies in the UK internet industry.

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Advertisers Association in Ireland work to represent and defend the legitimate, strategic, non-competitive interests of responsible advertisers and marketers in dealing with Government, the media, business and consumer groups, as well as other bodies of commercial or public interest.


Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland is the trade association and professional institute for Irish advertising agencies. Its primary role is to promote the highest professional and creative standards in the production of advertising, across all media. IAPI plays a key role in the irish advertising industry, which is reflected in the range of its activities.

NewsBrands Ireland - formerly National Newspapers of Ireland continues to represent all National titles. Their remit is to promote advertising within their members' publications and to work towards a fair and balanced legislative framework that brings Ireland into line with other EU jurisdictions.

Magazines Ireland

Magazines Ireland is the trade association of magazine publishers. Its objective is to promote and protect the interests of magazine publishers and in particular its members.

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This body represents regional newspapers and printers in Ireland.

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The IFABC is a voluntary federation of industry-sponsored organisations that have been established in nations throughout the world and which have a common commitment to the accurate and transparent reporting of comparable print and new media performance data.

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BARB was set up in 1981 to provide the industry standard television audience measurement service for broadcasters and the advertising industry. BARB is owned by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BSkyB and the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) and is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

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Launched in 1990, JICREG has revolutionised the way in which regional and local media advertising is planned, bought and sold, by providing credible and acceptable audience data for the vast majority of local newspapers and their websites. It has become the main currency used by advertisers, agencies, regional press publishers and their sales houses.

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Newsworks (formerly the Newspaper Marketing Agency) helps advertisers and agencies harness the power of national newsbrands - in all forms - to achieve their communication objectives. Specifically Newsworks seeks to help customers by providing:


  • Strategic insight into the best role that newsbrands can play in a multi-media schedule
  • Consumer insight - how newsbrand readers on all platforms make decisions in different consumer categories
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of advertising in newsbrands in print, online and mobile
  • Insights into what works best creatively in newsbrands on different platforms
  • Examples of best practice and innovation in newsbrand advertising

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The National Readership Survey (NRS) provide estimates of the readership of Britain’s major newspapers and consumer magazines, showing the size and nature of the audiences they achieve – the survey covers some 260 newspapers, newspaper supplements and magazines.

NRS has produced a series of charts showing trends in NRS readership estimates and ABC circulation data for the past 11 years. The purpose of these charts is to demonstrate the relationship between readership and circulation over time, where there are similarities between the two, and where there are differences.

View the NRS readership and circulation trends charts

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FIPP - the worldwide magazine media association represents companies and individuals involved in the creation, publishing, or distribution of quality content, in whatever form, by whatever channel, and in the most appropriate frequency, to defined audiences of interest.

FIPP exists so that its members develop better strategies and build better media businesses by identifying and communicating emerging trends, sharing knowledge, and improving skills worldwide.


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Route produces audience estimates for out of home advertising. The data they publish tells subscribers how many people see an advertising campaign and how often they do so. The information is used as the currency for planning, buying, selling and evaluating advertising investment in the medium.


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RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Limited) was established in 1992 to operate a single audience measurement system for the radio industry - BBC and UK licensed commercial stations.


Established in 1969, TGI has provided actionable single-source data across five decades. Originally focused on the British market, TGI has since expanded to cover more than 60 countries.