Ad Fraud

Our Ad Fraud audit services underpin the standards set by JICWEBS and TAG (the Trustworthy Accountability Group).

TAG is a U.S. based initiative which now collaborates with JICWEBS in the U.K. to provide common standards in both markets. TAG is focused on eliminating fraudulent digital advertising traffic, combating malware, fighting ad-supported internet piracy and promoting brand safety.

Achieving certification against Ad Fraud raises confidence by demonstrating that you’re providing targeted protection. It confirms your commitment to transparency and builds trust with your customers.

To further reduce invalid traffic, we’ve partnered with the IAB U.S. to create the International IAB / ABC Robots and Spiders List. This global data set is used by the industry to filter out known robotic traffic and will help ensure your data is clean.

TAG Certified Against Fraud Clients


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