Bespoke Audit Services

We work with a variety of organisations, providing tailored audit services that give them confidence in the areas they need.


IAB UK Gold Standard audit:

We perform an annual audit of the processes the IAB UK follows when certifying their members to the Gold Standard.

Our audit includes a detailed examination of the end-to-end procedures and an evaluation of their controls against potential risks.

Tim Elkington, IAB UK’s Chief Digital Officer, says: “By appointing ABC - an independent third-party auditor - to audit the Gold Standard certification process, we are not only providing assurance of its thoroughness, we are also able to ensure that we proactively put in place internal measures to maintain this level of rigour as the Gold Standard grows and evolves.”

Comscore Direct census data collection for UKOM:
We conduct an annual audit, based on the month of November, of the census data for Unique Browsers and Page Impressions collected by the Comscore Direct tagging technology, referencing the ABC Web Traffic Reporting Standards. This data is then fed into the Comscore MMX (for desktop) and the Comscore MOMx (for mobile web only) Unified Digital Measurement.

BARB census data audit:
BARB reports multiple-screen viewing figures, breaking down the number of people watching television across four screens (TV sets, PCs, tablets and smartphones). These figures are produced through a method called Dovetail Fusion, which combines BARB’s panel data with census data collected from devices in a process independently audited by ABC.

Justin Sampson, BARB’s Chief Executive, says that our audit is “crucial in ensuring that the census data we collect from broadcasters’ VOD services meet the standard that the industry expects from BARB”.

In 2018 we worked with JICMAIL to define a set of operating principles for advertising mail distributors, which should be followed to ensure distribution is effectively managed, and volumes can be reported to JICMAIL correctly.

Following this, we conducted a Design Effectiveness audit with Royal Mail MarketReach to verify that their systems are compliant with these principles.

“As a fellow JIC (Joint Industry Currency) we turned to ABC based on their solid experience in setting industry-agreed standards and conducting robust and respected audits. ABC's work will underpin phase two of JICMAIL, which will see us release advertising mail distribution data to the industry, alongside our currently available award winning reach and frequency planning system.” - Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, JICMAIL.

NLA Media Access:
NLA is a publisher owned rights licensing and database business, which provides access to and licenses the re-use of publishers' copyrighted content.

We conduct an audit every two years in support of their ‘Special Contributors Scheme’, which enables freelance contributors and agencies to be paid an appropriate share of the licensing revenue.

MRS Fair Data:
Fair Data is an accreditation scheme launched by MRS in January 2013 to show which companies handle their customers' personal data fairly.

To become Fair Data accredited, companies must adhere to ten core principles. Our role is to independently audit companies to these principles prior to MRS issuing their accreditation.

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