Brand Safety

We’ve been involved in the evolution of Brand Safety standards from the initial years of IASH in 2005, to the creation of Content Verification (CV) Principles in 2010, to the now well established JICWEBS DTSG (Digital Trading Standards Group) Principles.

The DTSG Principles are designed to reduce the risk of ad misplacement. They deliver transparency and consistency of information by allowing businesses to demonstrate their brand safety processes to the same industry standards. This helps clarify for advertisers why their brands are safe in your hands.

Related, our Content Verification (CV) testing - based on the JICWEBS CV Principles - provides insight into the capabilities of CV products to block and report ad misplacement, and the value these brand safety tools can deliver.

In both areas we take a consultative approach to ensure you not only experience a smooth audit but also value the end result with our post certification marketing support.

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