ABC QuickView

ABC QuickView is a powerful, flexible report writing tool allowing you to create and share custom reports or enhance existing reports containing ABC certified data. ABC QuickView is a web based application, available on computers and iPad. Access reports anywhere and share with other ABC QuickView users in real time.

ABC QuickView allows you to analyse different metrics within and across different platforms, market sectors and time periods. Design reports with your specific parameters, save and then share your reports with other ABC QuickView users. Saved reports are automatically updated with each new data supply.

Key Features:-

Collaborative Analysis
Develop and analyse reports with trading partners and colleagues. Share instantly and make informed decisions.

Data Analysis
Build meaningful reports and dashboards with the filter, column and drag & drop features.

Filter Options
Develop reports to your specific parameters. Apply filters and sort data by product, group, owner or market sector. Analyse different metrics across various platforms, market sectors and periods.

Visual Analysis
Build insightful reports with the use of charts and tables.

Share, Print & Export Reports
Email your shared reports to other ABC QuickView users. Export your report to Excel, PowerPoint and print.

ABC QuickView is available to ABC members and paid subscribers at

Simply insert your ABC website username and password login details to gain access. Please ensure you tick I accept the Terms & Conditions box to complete your login.

If you would like to organise a subscription, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01442 200 736 

About the ABC QuickView developer

Newgrove, the developer of ABC QuickView, is a London-based geospatial business intelligence company, specialising in web-based business intelligence applications 

Newgrove works across a wide range of industries including the publishing sector where their clients include national newspapers, media agencies and online publishers developing a range of audience insight and engagement solutions. Newgrove is also a Google DFP Premium Analytics Partner and global reference site for Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing technology. 

Periscope® upon which the ABC QuickView is based, displays near real-time insight and analysis to users globally. The application amalgamates multiple data feeds on an hourly basis including AD logs, CRM, geodemographics and location data for audience analysis/Ad targeting/BI – all delivered through a simple online dashboard. 

Further information is available at