Reports & Data Analysis

ABC data is trusted by thousands of media buyers, advertisers and media owners for the purpose of trading advertising.

The latest certified data is available to all, historical data and industry reports are available to ABC members and paid subscribers.


ABC Certified Products

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Industry Reports & Detailed Data Analysis

We produce industry reports for various sectors. They are a snapshot of the industry at a point in time.

We also have reporting tools with data for all ABC titles since the year 2000 and detailed data since 2017.

Access to the latest reports, past reports and reporting tools are reserved for ABC members and users that have purchased a data subscription.

Concessions available for Students and Journalists.


SectorReporting Tools for ABC members & paid data subscribersIndustry ReportNext Industry Report
Consumer Magazines Analysis & Export Industry snapshot February 2024
Business Magazines Analysis & Export Industry snapshot T.B.C
National Newspapers Analysis & Export Private Agency Report (request access) Monthly
Bulk Distribution Analysis & Export - -
Regional Publications Analysis & Export - -
Other sectors Analysis & Export - -

Bespoke Data Requests

Data from the year 2000 and onwards is available via our reporting tools and individual product pages. We have an offline archive of data back to our origins in 1931.

If you are researching data prior to 2000 or require bespoke data please contact us with specific details of your requirement including what purpose the data is for and we will come back to you with a quotation.

Media Audits

ABC releases data for the UK media industry to use when trading advertising. Our audits can cover your whole brand.

Third Party Auditing

ABC are a leading industry-owned auditor for media products and services, with specialist skills in digital ad trading. Our process and bespoke audits cover the following areas.

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