Data Hub Features

Our Data Hub contains the latest ABC data, with headline figures & certificates going back to 2000, including detailed data back to 2017 where available. It’s an easy to use tool with many features allowing you to analyse and export data quickly and efficiently from a trusted source.

Headline / Basic Data:
Headline figures (the ABC) for each title in the sector. The dataset is updated daily when new data is published. One row per title/period.  It's great for getting the topline figure quickly for a title or a group of titles or for comparing the headline figure over time to see general trends.

Detailed / Advanced Data:
The headline figure is broken down in to circulation categories, regions and platform allowing you analyse at a granular level. For Consumer Magazines, switch to Advanced mode. For Business Magazines, the Detailed Data is that of the 'Audit Issue'.

The dataset is updated daily when new data is published. Multiple rows per title/period.   In conjunction with Pivot mode, you can analyse the breakdown of the ABC data any way you want.  Data is available generally back to 2017 on this page.

Daily split: (National newspapers only)
Monday to Friday and Saturday print only circulation (excluding overseas copies). The dataset is updated daily when new data is published. One row per title/period. 

Industry reports: (various sectors)
A shortcut to our published reports for this sector which are a snapshot of the data at the time of release.

Time period:
You can choose what time period you'd like to view by selecting from the dropdown. Headline data typically goes back to 2000 and other pages back to 2017.  

There are a number of ways you can filter the data.

  • There is a search box above the data which will do a text search and show matching results. This is a quick way to search for a single title, company or market sector
  • In each column heading there is a filter icon. Clicking this will allow you to select or deselect the values you want.
  • Clicking the 'Filters' button in the right toolbar will allow you to see the filters for all possible columns. For some sectors we have included 'Quick Filters' which we have found to be the most used filters for that set of data.


Columns, Sorting, Ordering & Sizing:
You can add more data by clicking the Columns button.  To make the initial view easy to understand and use we have selected the most common data to display.  But in most cases you have the option to display more data. The columns can be moved by dragging them to where you want them. You can also click on the headings to sort the columns. If you want to sort more than one column you can use the shift key and then click. You may also resize the columns by dragging the edge or by using the column menu.

There are a number of ways you can group data to create sub totals. You can use the column menus. Drag a column to the grouping bar or drag to the grouping area in the Columns side panel.

Pivot Mode:
From the columns button you can turn on pivot mode - this allows you to swap the axis of the table allowing you to view the data in various ways. When in pivot mode the number of available columns is reduced. If you need a mixture of pivot and the other columns then we suggest you output the non-pivoted data to Excel and use the 'Classic Pivot Mode' to acheive the desired results.

Export Data:
You can export in Excel and CSV formats. Just click the button and choose your format. Depending on the status of the grid some output formats are restricted. You may choose between just the visible columns that you have chosen or all columns which includes some extra columns which can help with more detailed analysis.

Saved Views:
You can save the settings and layout of the page using the Saved views button.   Give your view a name and an optional description and you can come back to it anytime you want.  We don't actually save the data in your view, only the settings. When you come back next time for example you will have the latest data available. If you want to save the data then you need to Export it.

Context menus:
Right-click/Control-click on a piece of data will bring up a menu where you access various options, like resize the grid or view a certificate or it's product page.

Contact us:

If you would like to know more about our Data Hub or have a question about any of the features then please contact us via:

01442 200736

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