ABC Breakfast Briefing

Welcome to ABC’s Breakfast Briefing
for Media Buyers and Planners

Get a handle on media brand measurement
How to trade with confidence across multiple media platforms

The ad trading landscape is changing apace and if you don’t keep up, you can quickly fall behind.

Our ABC Breakfast Briefing event for media buyers and planners brought you up to date on the wealth of trusted ABC data available, and how you can use it to plan campaigns across multiple media platforms - from magazines and websites to mobile apps and social media.

Putting this training in context were our new line-up of high profile speakers. These industry experts shared their insights on how we as an industry can continue to promote trust and transparency in ad trading through new total brand measurement initiatives and enhanced communications.


Charlotte Brown
Senior Account Manager

Nick Brown
PRO Activation Director
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Jamie Credland
SVP, Strategy & Marketing
The Economist Group
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Mark Finney
Director of Media & Advertising

Andy Flint
Head of Business Development
Lynne Robinson
Research Director

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Join us and a selection of the industry’s leading experts as we aim to unravel the complexities behind digital ad trading.

Our high profile speakers will simplify some of the major issues (and solutions) facing agencies and advertisers, including ad fraud, brand safety and viewability.

We will answer your most pressing questions, such as:

“What steps can, or should, agencies and advertisers take to protect brands and maximise their budgets?”

“Why do metrics for issues like viewability vary and is there an acceptable rate?”

“Is there such a thing as standardised reporting in digital ad campaigns?”

“How can we increase trust and make our purchasing decisions safer?”