The official ABC figures for June 2016 show that the UK national newspaper market enjoyed an uplift in sales of around 90,000 average copies a day, meaning more than 2.7 million extra papers were sold in June compared with May.

The weekend titles did particularly well as people turned to trusted newsbrands for informed opinion and analysis, with Sunday newspaper titles selling an average of more than 111,000 copies each weekend.

While digital numbers are consistently growing, last month saw a huge swell in unique browsers with the UK newspaper market up 11% month on month and 31% year on year, as readers sought reliable up-to-date news content.

A survey of 500 UK adults shows that of those who bought a newspaper more often in June, 63% said they did so because “there was a lot more news out there” and 54% said they “wanted more detailed analysis”.

Rufus Olins, CEO of Newsworks, said: “Readers have always turned to newspapers at times of national significance and continue to do so. The latest ABC data confirms newspapers’ continued influence throughout Brexit and beyond.”

Simeon Adams, partner at Goodstuff, said: “In uncertain times people are clearly still turning to trusted news sources and brands for clarity and understanding. Like it or not, the referendum has demonstrated the enduring importance and influence of a free press.”

ABC – June 2016

  May-16 June-16      Month on month     
  Print Digital Print Digital Print Digital
Daily Mail 1,544,084    13,954,521    1,548,349    15,053,614    0.28%    7.88%   
Daily Mirror  778,650 4,643,612 770,714 5,032,799 -1.02% 8.38%
i  285,734 N/A 294,223 N/A 2.97% N/A
London Evening Standard     903,011 539,880 910,033 725,888 0.78% 34.45%
Metro 1,345,864 1,207,841 1,348,127 1,346,565 0.17% 11.49%
The Daily Telegraph 490,800 4,342,570  496,286 5,623,053 1.12% 29.49%
 The Guardian 165,702 8,923,129 171,723 10,304,181 3.63% 15.48%
The Independent N/A 3,048,377 N/A 4,382,722 N/A 43.77%
The Sun 1,716,768 2,367,137 1,755,331 2,730,920 2.25% 15.37%
The Times 438,159 N/A 449,151 N/A 2.51% N/A


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Liz Jaques, head of communications at Newsworks, on 020 7747 2133 / 


Survey via Toluna of 500 adults in the UK, completed on 20 July 2016.

ABC data - print = average daily circulation; digital = average daily unique browsers.

The total UK print numbers include the following titles: Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People, i, London Evening Standard, Metro, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, the Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Sun, The Sun on Sunday, The Times, The Sunday Times, Financial Times, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, Daily Express and Sunday Express.

The total UK digital numbers refer to Newsworks stakeholder titles only.