On the Data Hub, users are immediately prompted to choose their sector of interest: Magazines (consumer or business), Newspapers (nationals, regionals or bulks) or Other Data (ROI and NI as well as web traffic, apps, emails, events, social media across all sectors). They can also search by title, company or sector via the search bar.

Users are then directed straight to the Data Hub for their chosen sector. This is an interactive reporting tool providing the most commonly used or referenced data in simple columns. Headline Data is the default view; users can also open a Detailed Data version for further breakdowns. A third option provides instant access to our available Industry Reports; these are monthly, six monthly or annual reports that provide a ‘snapshot’ of the industry at the time of release.

Each sector’s Data Hub is updated as we publish new figures. It’s also easy to search different time periods for more specific comparative data. Other features include:

  • Simple filters
  • Choice of data columns
  • Export to excel or csv
  • Pivot data function

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “ABC data is known for being robust, transparent and vital for trading, but in order to maximise its value it also needs to be easy to use. We’re delighted to launch our new Data Hub, which will enhance the experience of media owners who rely on our trusted data to demonstrate their credibility, and buyers who use it to underpin their trading decisions.”

Derek Morris, Chairman at ABC, explained, “This new Data Hub is a sophisticated yet straightforward way to make valuable ABC data accessible and easy to use. One of ABC’s great strengths is that any title in any sector can join, regardless of size. This means more comparable data for media buyers, which will support them in making effective choices.”