As an ABC Associate, Global Media Hub demonstrates its ability to report and prove its Bulk (free distribution) processes to industry-agreed standards. This is a significant benefit to UK publishers of free newspapers and magazines who look to their suppliers to supply accurate data and information in accordance with ABC standards.

Matt Pryce, Commercial Director at Global Media Hub, commented, “Once again we’re delighted to achieve the gold standard of ABC accreditation to give our publishers added peace of mind when utilising our services.  The addition of our cruise ship distribution to the accreditation is of particular importance and highlights the hard work the team in Southampton have put in to meet the ABC standards. ”

Jan Pitt, Executive Director of Client Services at ABC, said, “Congratulations to Global Media Hub for achieving accreditation as a Bulk Distribution Associate for the second year running. Through continuing accreditation, Global Media Hub is able to demonstrate both its expertise and commitment to working to industry agreed standards on behalf of its publishing clients.”