This accreditation gives publishers a step up during the ABC auditing process, providing both financial benefits and established, robust circulation. Their accreditation for the third year running shows that Global Media Hub is dedicated to providing the best possible service for publishers.

Stephanie Hyde, Managing Director at Global Media Hub added, “We have worked hard, once again, to meet the exacting standards of ABC giving publishers peace of mind and saving them money in the auditing process. In achieving this re-accreditation, we are demonstrating transparency and trust to the marketplace which are both at the core of a successful long term working relationship. We now work with over 200 titles globally and are constantly developing our service offer both in print and digital to help publishers increase ad revenue and optimise brand reach.”

Jan Pitt, Group Executive Director of Client Services at ABC commented, “Congratulations to Global Media Hub for achieving accreditation as a Bulk Distribution Associate for the third consecutive year. I’ve no doubt the enhanced trust and transparency that comes from ABC accreditation to industry agreed standards will continue to bring benefit to the publishing clients using its platform.”