Media owners now have the option to include headline Google Analytics-User figures on their ABC Brand Report alongside other verified multi-platform data. This change has been agreed through our Reporting Standards Groups for the regional, consumer and business sectors.

The inclusion of Google Analytics-User figures presents media owners with a simple, cost-effective way of sharing a web traffic figure that’s been independently verified. For agencies and advertisers, it’s a quick and easy way to see each media brand’s data in one place – with the reassurance that the figures they’re looking at are underpinned by ABC.

ABC Brand Reports can now present headline data for:

  • Print Editions
  • Digital Editions
  • Websites
  • Email
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Events

As with all our certificates, data on a Brand Report has been independently verified and this trusted data is used by agencies and advertisers to underpin their decision-making processes.

The addition of a Google Analytics-User figure has been welcomed by both media owners and buyers. 

Mark Ashley, Managing Director UK at Ptarmigan Media, affirms, “Seeing all this valuable data in one place, verified by ABC, is a good step forward for our industry.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “We’re delighted to deliver this new reporting option to media owners who are keen to share a verified Google Analytics figure with advertisers. Websites are of course one of the central platforms media brands use to deliver content to and interact with, their audiences. When included alongside other headline data on our Brand Report, media owners can present a brand-centric view of their offering."

To find out more about including Google Analytics traffic figures on your Brand Report, please contact your account manager. Alternatively, please contact Andy Flint, Business Development Manager, at or on 01442 200827.