About the Conference

Over the past year issues such as equality and diversity, transparency and accountability have impacted our industry as a whole and led to questions about the power of brands and marketers.

We will discuss this journey and the positive change that it has brought. As well as making an argument for the future; one in which brands and marketers can once again become positive agents of change.

Our speakers will provide unparalleled insight into the challenges being faced by our members; building sales whilst protecting a brand's reputation; a rapidly changing consumer landscape; and the structural decisions those challenges entail.

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About ISBA

ISBA represents the leading UK advertisers. We champion the needs of marketers through advocacy and offer our members thought leadership, consultancy, a programme of capability and networking.

We influence necessary change, speaking with one voice to all stakeholders including agencies, regulators, platform owners and government.

Our members represent over 3000 brands across a range of sectors.

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