The new ABC Standards are the result of a significant consultation process and, as a UK Joint Industry Currency (JIC) for media measurement, has the support of all sides of the industry.

The driving principles behind these changes are to provide a cost effective service that supports publisher innovation, without diluting the trust associated with ABC data. We are grateful for the valuable input we've received from across the industry- Simon Redlich, CEO, ABC. 

The key features of the changes are summarised below, and this link provides a full breakdown.

We’ve  simplified the reporting of ABC circulation to four primary circulation categories; paid single copies, paid subscriptions, paid multiple copies and free copies. Recognising that one size doesn’t fit all, for audit periods after June 17, the level of detail reported within these primary categories will be a publisher decision.We’ve introduced ‘Consolidated Auditing’ for brands reporting every six months. ABC figures will be submitted and issued as normal but we now offer an option for these to be audited together, thus reducing the cost of auditing.

As a result of our consultation with agencies and publishers the industry have agreed that, in order to reflect the different business models, some information is no longer mandatory.

Our new certificate presentation will come into effect for the next round of certificates released early 2018. Our new design focuses on making ABC data more accessible, with a clearer and simpler design including more graphs and charts to better illustrate circulation. Click here to view an example certificate

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