Following on from the successful launch of our new Consumer Magazine and Regional Publication Standards and certificates in February 2018, both the Newsbrand and Business Media sectors will be reporting to updated Standards, using our simplified certificate design, in all report releases from today.

These changes are the culmination of close consultations with industry representatives within each sector, as part of a focused drive to simplify trading for media owners and buyers whilst further supporting market growth.


Jan Pitt, Commercial Director at ABC, said, “We’re thrilled to launch these important updates across an additional two media sectors. We’re now able to offer standardised reporting across all four sectors, making it easy for buyers to cross-compare and quickly find the trusted ABC facts and figures they need to trade effectively.”


As well as receiving great feedback from agencies on the new certificates, we’ve also heard from those responsible for training the next generation of communication professionals. David Stam, Associate Lecturer at the London College of Communications, said, “It is important that publishing and journalism students entering our industry understand ABC and that vast array of information it can reveal.  The new look certificates make this so much easier.  Clear colour coding and highlighting the important numbers really much more visible than the old certificates.  All the detail is still there for those who wish to dig...but top level comparisons are now much quicker and comprehensible.”

Consumer Magazine Report Update – new data columns added


Following consultations with our media owner and buyer representatives, our ‘Media Owner summary’ report has been updated to provide additional insights into this overview of the ABC Consumer Magazine sector.


The report now features two new data columns showing the total number of ABC-certified magazine copies circulated by each media owner during the reporting period. The ‘Total copies circulated’ column includes both paid for and free copies, and the ‘Total Actively Purchased copies’ column excludes free and multiple paid copies.

This change was directed by our Reporting Standards Group, consisting of media owners and buyers, who agreed that the new ‘total copies’ figures offered a more comprehensive representation of market scale.


For further information on using our interactive reports, please see our new walkthrough video or if you have any questions please email