We have nearly 70 individuals on our RSGs, who represent both the buy and sell sides of advertising and come from some of the biggest names in the industry as well as many smaller, specialist organisations. There are six RSGs in total, representing the six media sectors we report on. These groups meet three times a year in person to discuss the Standards that sit at the heart of the ABC data they use to trade. We’re also in touch with them throughout the year, sharing updates on recent discussions and asking for feedback in response to queries that arise.

Our RSG meetings are important forums to ensure we’re continually keeping pace with innovations and new trading practices used by advertisers, agencies and publishers. The focus is always to ensure that our data is delivering the insights and transparency that enable all parties to trade effectively.

The fact our standards and data are the result of discussion and consensus from the people who actually use them is why Joint Industry Currencies (JICs) like ABC are viewed by advertisers and agencies as the ‘best in class approach’ for delivering measurement data.

To see who’s representing your industry at the moment, head over to the Reporting Standards Groups (RSGs) section of our Standards page.