As well as presenting updated results on the products certified by ABC, the report also provides additional disclosure on product features designed to further enhance transparency. This includes a ‘Viewable Impressions Thresholds’ section, providing further clarity on the parameters measured by each product. It shows, for example, the combinations of area (percentage) and time (seconds) that are measured by each product whenever they calculate a viewable impression.

The additional information in the new report is designed to help clients further understand how each viewability product operates. This will guide them in working with vendors to select and configure the tools that will most effectively measure viewable impressions for each campaign.

The six products included in the report are comScore’s vCE Validation, DMA Institute’s DigitalMAI Visibility, DoubleVerify’s IQ Viewability Advanced, Integral Ad Science’s Verification, Meetrics’ Ad Attention Manager and Moat’s Analytics. The report shows that, when configured correctly, all six products tested are capable of counting viewable impressions in a number of scenarios in accordance with the latest JICWEBS Viewability Product Principles.

ABC Viewability testing is set up to ensure that all products are being tested on a like-for-like basis in a variety of behaviour scenarios and common browser/operating systems. As the products work in slightly different ways, it is important to understand how they operate so there is a clear understanding of the reasons for discrepancies.

Those looking to purchase viewability products can also use ABC’s online interactive table to rearrange the results for the tools that have been certified. This will allow them to better understand the products, compare their methodologies and make more informed decisions.

Mark Finney, Director of Media & Advertising, ISBA, said, “As investment in digital advertising increases, brands are rightly demanding to know whether the ads they are placing online can be seen. ABC’s Viewability Report helps the industry understand how each product works, providing vital insights that will guide purchasing decisions. We welcome the work being done by JICWEBS and ABC in bringing much-needed transparency to this important area.”

Steve Hickman, Director at RAPP Media, said, “Viewability tools work in different ways and choosing the right tool to measure a campaign can be a complex task. What we need is a way of shining a light on how each tool operates. ABC’s Viewability Report is a vital resource in delivering this transparency, helping us to ask the right questions and make the best decisions for the client based on clear, comparable and trusted information.”

Steve Chester, Director of Data and Industry Programmes at Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK), said, “We fully support the JICWEBS principles and ABC’s role in delivering clarity to the complex issue of viewability. The companies in this report have demonstrated their commitment to clear communication and the value they place on independent third party verification. These elements are vital if we are to continue to grow trust in digital ad trading.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “We are delighted to verify these six products against the JICWEBS Viewability Principles. Inclusion in ABC’s Viewability Report delivers reassurance that these companies have met robust, industry-agreed standards. It also shows a commitment to transparency that is essential for the continued growth of trust and confidence within the digital ad trading industry.”