The certificate verifies the capabilities of ADmantX’s Intelligent Brand Safety solution. It also shows how the product performs against ten key principles that have been agreed by the UK media industry through JICWEBS. This transparency helps to minimise the risk of ads appearing alongside inappropriate content and helps the trading process by giving advertisers and agencies greater confidence.

ADmantX’s semantic network uses NLP to read and understand content the same way a human brain does, protecting brands from appearing alongside risky or inappropriate online content based on its true meaning. Unlike traditional brand safety solutions that rely on keyword techniques, ADmantX’s semantic approach also means safe URLs aren’t unnecessarily blocked, maintaining a high-quality inventory source for advertisers.

ADmantX’s high quality complete brand safety solution manages the full brand safety process, from pre-bid and post-bid with standard brand safety categories, a wide range of categories predefined by sector, custom brand protection categories (Brand Care), full measuring and reporting solution, to tailored protection for any brand requirement. 

Giovanni Strocchi, CEO at ADmantX, said, “By completing the accreditation we are proud to be JICWEBS certified, reinforcing our commitment to improving brand safety standards across the industry as we move towards real Brand Care. Granting perfect personalized protection (Brand Care), while not impacting volumes of delivery on high-quality inventory, is what we believe to be the natural evolution of brand safety”.


Simon Redlich, ABC Chief Executive, added “We are delighted to be issuing ADmantX with their CV certificate, providing transparency on the capability of their product. ABC’s certification service gives our industry confidence in the important area of brand safety and facilitates the online display advertising trading process.”


Jules Kendrick, JICWEBS CEO “Increased trust and transparency is vital for our industry. ADmantX have proved they are committed to this by achieving certification and sharing information on how their CV tool meets our industry agreed standards.”

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