It was said that it’s essential for the industry to point towards trustworthy companies and differentiate them from those operating on the more dubious end of the transparency scale.  

So we asked ourselves, what can we do to promote our Most Valued Partner (MVP) clients?


The purpose of industry certification

Separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, is the very purpose of industry certification programmes. Two mentioned at the Summit were the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) programmes (Certified Against Fraud, Brand Safety Certified and Certified Against Malware), and the IAB UK’s Gold Standard initiative. The latter employs ABC to audit its processes, ensuring that the programme itself can be trusted to deliver reassurance, whilst TAG approves external auditors like ABC to provide an unbiased opinion on whether businesses are compliant with its industry standards.

From the comments at the Summit, it was clear there needs to be more awareness across the industry as to what these sorts of programmes mean to businesses in terms of tangible actions they can take to work with trusted partners. And that’s where we can do our bit.

Would the real MVPs please stand up

As a TAG certified auditor, we’re proud to raise up the digital ad industry’s MVPs! These are the organisations that are not only committed to meeting industry standards to minimise the risk of criminal activity online, but who are also going that extra mile to have their processes independently audited – delivering added reassurance. 

TAG compliant businesses, independently certified by ABC:

You can read more information on our website about how our independent audit brings added transparency to TAG’s industry standards.

More information on TAG and the IAB UK Gold Standard coming soon…

To do our bit in supporting the call to action for more information, we’ll soon be sharing some bite-sized instalments on how the IAB UK Gold Standard and TAG’s certification programmes co-exist, and how they can support you in finding trusted partners and excel in your own best practices. So watch this space!