BSO Certification is an industry qualification delivered by the Brand Safety Institute (BSI). It supports those working in online advertising to safeguard both their own brands and the broader digital supply chain. Once certified, Brand Safety Officers can demonstrate to other companies, and their peers, that they’re a qualified practitioner and thought leader in this field.

Trainees benefit from learning the factual elements that need to be part of a brand safety officer’s knowledge bank, and are given clear examples and practical guidance on implementing these practices both internally and with business partners. Once qualified, BSI membership provides them with access to a community of fellow brand safety professionals, with opportunities to learn and share experiences.

Our Audit Manager, Clare Langstaff, has just qualified through BSO certification and affirms, “I found the training extremely comprehensive, giving me a clear overview of the numerous factors a Brand Safety Officer needs to be aware of to establish best practice processes. I’ve no doubt it will support organisations to clearly define this important role, whilst helping BSOs to work with their partners and the many departments in their company that have a role in mitigating the issues related to brand safety.”

Those undertaking a TAG audit with us for ad fraud, piracy, malware and/or brand safety are eligible to receive 30% off Brand Safety Officer Certification training plus Brand Safety Institute Membership for one or more employees. Priced in $, this package normally costs $999 (£780). With our discount, the price is $699 (£546).

BSI membership includes access to templates, case studies, webinars and other valuable tools for practicing Brand Safety Officers as they become available, as well as the opportunity to engage with fellow Brand Safety professionals in BSI’s member community discussions.

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “We’re delighted to offer our TAG clients access to BSO Certification at a discounted rate through our partnership with TAG. Education and a standardised approach to brand safety is vital in the journey to make online ad trading safer, and the practical nature of this training provides a roadmap for companies looking to maximise the effectiveness of their brand safety practices.”

Mike Zaneis, President and CEO at TAG, said, “We’re excited to expand the work we do with ABC by creating this partnership offer that supports individuals to complete the BSI’s first class training at a reduced rate. Trainees will have access to the latest knowledge on the best approaches and practices to maximise brand safety, the benefits of which will ripple through their organisation and ultimately across the entire digital ecosystem.”

The Brand Safety Institute (BSI) was founded to professionalise and advance brand safety expertise within companies. BSO Certification consists of ten in-depth modules that are designed to expand expertise in the main areas that impact brand safety. These include Ad Fraud, Ad-supported Piracy, Malware in the Digital Ad Supply Chain, Ad Adjacency & Brand Reputation, and Verification & Viewability. The final module, Role of the Brand Safety Officer, is where the knowledge gained in the course is translated into clear action steps.

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