As part of the certification process, ABC conducted a review of DV’s technical ability to identify and/or exclude different types of fraud based on the Traffic Taxonomy report produced by the UK’s JICWEBS (Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards). The UK Traffic Taxonomy report covers a range of ad fraud sources that include hijacked devices/ad tags/creative, malware, adware, piracy, proxy traffic, and illegitimate users or falsely represented sites.
“Congratulations to DoubleVerify for being the first company to receive our Anti-Ad Fraud certificate,” said Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC. “DoubleVerify’s decision to undertake our review of its anti-ad fraud capabilities demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and supports the industry’s call for independent verification throughout the digital supply chain.”


The DoubleVerify Fraud Lab, which powers DV IQ Fraud Advanced solutions, was established over 10 years ago to safeguard DV’s advertiser partners by proactively identifying and combating emerging areas of digital ad fraud. DV Fraud Lab has the fastest, most comprehensive fraud identification methods in the industry, covering all types of nonhuman traffic and fraud.


"DV is proud to be the first verification company to receive ABC’s anti-ad fraud product certification," said Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify. "This certification is a testament to our global commitment to authenticate online media using the most rigorous standards for inventory quality and brand safety. DV is driven by a singular purpose – to power the new standard of marketing performance, enabling advertisers to achieve clarity and confidence in their digital investment.”


IQ Fraud Advanced solution is part of the DoubleVerify Impression Quality Advanced suite of services, offering brands the ability to ensure their digital media is authentic.
Concurrent with its Anti-Ad Fraud certificate, DoubleVerify has also been certified by ABC for Desktop Video Viewability. DV has been certified by ABC annually since 2012 for content verification and viewability measurement.