Inskin Media is the world’s premier provider of high-impact digital display advertising. The company delivers brand safe, non-intrusive campaigns to more than 1,000 premium websites, using rich media  formats that regularly deliver more than 15x attention. The company trades using both programmatic and direct approaches, and can target using contextual, first-party and third-party data. It is headquartered in London and has offices in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Kiev, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong.

As a JICWEBS approved auditor, ABC supplies the online media industry with a trusted and robust currency on which media space can be bought and sold. For more information on ABC’s audit services please go to:

Adi Kishore, Director Global Marketing and Insight at Inskin Media comments:
"Rigorous procedures to ensure brand safety are critical for the industry today, if we want to continue to attract investment from brand advertisers. Inskin Media has long been an advocate of transparent advertising practices, having been an early adopter of the DTSG certification and the first ad tech company to achieve certification for the IAB UK's Gold Standard. I am delighted to once again underscore our commitment to brand safety by announcing that we have qualified for the new DTSG seal from JICWEBS."

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said: “We are delighted to have audited Inskin Media to the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles. Our auditing services give the industry confidence about compliance with JICWEBS industry-agreed standards, raising the bar in the important area of brand safety.”



About Inskin Media

Inskin Media specialises in rich-media branding formats, combining a focus on design and technology to maximise the attention delivered by every single impression. The company partners with over 200 publishers and delivers campaigns to more than 1,000 premium websites globally. Inskin has delivered successful campaigns for over 1,000 blue-chip brand clients. Inskin holds the IAB’s Gold Standard as well as the DTSG Brand Safe certification, supports direct and programmatic bookings, and works with leading data providers to support first and third-party data targeting options. Since its launch in the UK in 2009, Inskin has grown from a start-up into an international business, employing approximately 100 staff across its London, Amsterdam Hamburg, Kiev, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong offices.

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