Viewability tools are used as a way of measuring whether online ads have had an opportunity to be seen. Our report, which is freely available on our Viewability page, provides an important resource for those wanting to work with suppliers that meet industry agreed standards.

Our Viewability testing is set up to ensure we test all products on a like-for-like basis, replicating a number of behaviour scenarios in common browser / operating systems. With the results for each product listed in clearly comparable tables, readers can see how each tool operates and compare each one in light of their own viewability objectives. This level of detail also enables them to understand potential reasons behind reporting discrepancies that may occur if different tools are applied to a campaign.

The six products included in the report are admetrics’ Viewability Tracking, comScore’s vCE Validation, DMA Institute’s DigitalMAI Visibility, DoubleVerify’s IQ Viewability Advanced, Integral Ad Science’s Verification and Moat’s Analytics.

Also freely available on our Viewability page is our interactive table, which provides a dynamic way of viewing all the results according to specific criteria. This makes it even easier to understand how each product operates and make clear choices based on informed decisions.

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “Video viewability is an increasingly important issue, with recent research by the IAB UK showing that video ad spend grew by 46% in the first half of 2017. By extending our viewability programme to include testing video in addition to desktop banner against JICWEBS’ industry agreed guidelines, ABC is increasing transparency in this growing area of digital ad trading. All backed by our industry stamp of trust.”

Bethan Crockett, Digital Risk Director at GroupM, said, “The benefit of ABC’s report to media planners and buyers is twofold. First, we’re able to see at a glance which viewability tools are verified to industry standards, having been through a stringent testing process. Secondly, it enables us to consistently compare how each tool functions, shedding light on why reporting discrepancies may occur. This informs vital decisions when delivering our clients’ campaign goals.”

Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer, IAB UK, said “Through this report, JICWEBS and ABC are playing a key role in delivering transparency to the complex issue of viewability. The verified companies have demonstrated their commitment to clear communication and the value they place on independent third party verification. These elements are going to be integral as we continue to grow a strong digital ecosystem based on trust.”

Richard Foan, Chairman, JICWEBS, said, “This latest report builds on the important work we’re delivering with ABC to bring greater transparency and trust in the area of viewability. Now providing vital insights on video as well as digital display ads, we trust this report will become an important tool in the digital media buyer’s arsenal by supporting and guiding their trading decisions.”