Precise.TV use machine learning to bring transparency to YouTube. Our unique methodology allows clients to target ads right down to individual video level. This provides the granular control needed for accurate targeting as well as the ability to identify and remove unsafe placements. The resulting contextual relevance ensures brand safe campaigns that deliver performance improvements of up to 110%. 

As a JICWEBS approved Verification Provider, ABC supplies the online media industry with a trusted and robust currency on which media space can be bought and sold. For more information on ABC’s Verification Service please go to:

Nadav Shmuel, CEO at Precise.TV comments:"Precise.TV was founded with the express purpose of bringing much needed transparency to the online media industry. Not only is this crucial to ensure our clients ads are appearing next to brand safe inventory. But also, it significantly improves campaign performance and quality of data. We are delighted to receive verification from ABC and see this as an important step on our journey to bring more trust, transparency and performance to the online video market."

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said: “We are delighted to have verified Precise.TV to the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles. ABC’s verification service gives our industry confidence about compliance with JICWEBS industry-agreed standards and raises the bar in the important area of brand safety, a key milestone in the evolution of digital display advertising.”