We at Thirdpresence take the issue of brand safety extremely seriously. In our fast paced and everchanging industry, we are keen to demonstrate to our trading partners that we are continuously taking proactive steps to increase transparency and trust. Adhering to the DTSG Good Practice Principles and achieving the DTSG Brand Safety Seal of Compliance are of utmost importance in order to do so. Demonstrating to our trading partners that we have the DTSG Brand Safety Seal is important as it promotes transparency and validates we comply to the following principles:

  • All transactions follow a Primary Agreement or Contract
  • These include details of advertising placement; where the advertising should or should not appear
  • How we minimise the risk of ad misplacement
  • Outline takedown policy of ad misplacement

As a JICWEBS approved and industry owned Verification Provider, ABC supplies the online media industry with a trusted and robust currency on which media space can be bought and sold. For more information on ABC’s Verification Service please go to: www.abc.org.uk/verification/brand-safety


David Nelson, COO at THIRDPRESENCE comments:
"We are very pleased that the DTSG has recognised the efforts we take to protect brands and their brand values in the in-app space. At Thirdpresence we believe that a continued focus on supply quality is a fundamental requirement and responsibility."


Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said: “We are delighted to have verified THIRDPRESENCE to the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles. ABC’s verification service gives our industry confidence about compliance with JICWEBS industry-agreed standards and raises the bar in the important area of brand safety, a key milestone in the evolution of digital display advertising.”