Here’s our round-up with 3 key takeaways…

1. Sustainability

James Trott, Head of Strategy at Matterkind, discussed the impact of programmatic on the environment. Did you know that one ad impression creates 1g of CO₂e (carbon dioxide equivalent)?!

However, he explained two main ways a company can reduce their impact:


  • Can you reduce the number of partners? (e.g. move to a more curated marketplace)
  • Can you look at measuring against attention – you’ll need to buy less if there’s high attention!


  • Can you invest in green supply or offset yourself?

Sustainability remained a theme throughout the day, finishing with a powerful keynote from Daniel Murray, Senior Partnerships Development Manager at WWF, with the key message that we can make a difference.

Here at ABC, we’ve started to review our impact on the environment. Our journey began when we started working with ‘Carbon Footprint’. They’ve helped us understand what our carbon footprint is and showed us how we could offset our emissions.

We’ve now completed our first step by calculating our emissions and offsetting those each year through verified carbon reduction projects.

This is just the beginning on our continuing journey towards reducing our footprint as far as possible and achieving NetZero.


2. Collaboration and cross-industry activity

To coin a well-used term, ‘no man is an island’. The industry won’t improve or achieve minimum bars without everyone onboard.

Collaboration continued to come up from multiple keynotes including Nestle, Meta and GARM. Deva Bronson, EVP Global Head of Brand Assurance at Dentsu, re-emphasized the importance of cross-industry activity and support for independent verification.

We welcome working together to create a more trusted and transparent digital advertising eco-system – TAG being one partner we’re pleased to collaborate with! As Anthony Crocker, Head of Commercial Success Strategy at The Telegraph said, “Don’t do it alone”!


3. Artificial Intelligence

Finding efficiencies through new technology is always welcome. AI can provide so much for the advertising industry but it was noted that the use of AI still very much requires human input for review and to ensure the data fed into it is appropriate and up-to-date.

AI proved to be a prominent theme of the day, with Meta focusing their keynote on this technology and GARM looking to the future of AI in the industry.

How much of an impact it will have on our industry is yet to be seen.


By Jo Reid, Senior Account Manager, ABC

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