Alongside the new way of presenting our services is a strapline that encapsulates our vision and sums up our business today... trust in media.

We’ve been delivering trust in media since 1931.

  • It’s our reason for existing. We were created to build trust in media.
  • It’s a directive. You can trust in media when you see our badge.
  • It’s descriptive. Our logo stands for trust within the media industry.
  • It’s aspirational. Together we can achieve it!

Chief Executive Simon Redlich says:

“With our track record of championing trustworthiness in media, and our role as a joint industry currency, it feels natural to evolve our communications in a way that continues to deliver on these fundamental pillars whilst reflecting the dynamic change in our industry.

From the gold standard data we release, to the audit services we provide for other industry standards, the common denominator is that we’ve audited real data to support the facts we publish.

Our logo continues to stand for quality and trust in media, empowering our £22bn industry to trade with confidence.”