New IPA white paper emphasises the value of JIC data

Today the IPA has released ‘Signals in the Noise’, a white paper authored by Justin Sampson, Chief Executive of Barb, and Tony Regan, Managing Partner, Work Research.

Signals in the noise image

‘Signals in the Noise’ acknowledges the difficulties media buyers and planners face having to traverse the sheer volume of data available today, whilst highlighting the exceptional quality of JIC (Joint Industry Currency) data and its value in today’s media landscape.

As the first UK media JIC, established back in 1931, at ABC we welcome the IPA’s timely reminder that JIC data is unique in its levels of transparency and accountability. Based in cross-industry collaboration, JICs fuel our industry’s ability to trade effectively. The JIC framework has stood the test of time and continues to deliver some of the most robust, trusted data out there. It’s important that it’s not taken for granted.

You can view the Signals in the Noise white paper over on the IPA website, along with their news story and a video of the Signals in the Noise event held recently at the IPA’s London headquarters.

"JICs were forged in the fire of consensus building and the collaborative effort that goes into them really pays off."
 - David Fletcher, Ex Chief Data Officer, Wavemaker UK.

David Fletcher

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