The Age of Accountability

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ISBA, represented on the ABC Board by Phil Smith, Director General, is holding its 2018 Annual Conference in London on Tuesday 6th March. The prestigious event brings together many of the industry’s most prominent speakers including Marc Pritchard, Global CMO at Procter & Gamble, and Carolyn McCall, CEO at ITV, who will be sharing their views on the issue of accountability.

With society and attitudes changing, with seismic industry concentration and technological change, with increased pressure from campaigners and NGOs, it has never been more important for the advertising industry to hold itself to account. This applies to brands, in their relationships with the public and in their responsibility to shareholders, to agencies, publishers and platforms in providing content that is trustworthy and advertising services that are fit for purpose, all the while safeguarding the individual’s privacy.

This year’s ISBA Conference will seek to address this key theme and we are asking speakers to offer their perspectives.  We expect lively debate and challenging, thought-provoking sessions.

During the day we expect to cover a number of topics, to include accountability in the digital ecosystem, the role of advertising in reflecting or changing society’s attitudes and accountability and the need for alignment in the relationships between client and agency.

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About ISBA

ISBA represents the leading UK advertisers. We champion the needs of marketers through advocacy and offer our members thought leadership, consultancy, a programme of capability and networking.

We influence necessary change, speaking with one voice to all stakeholders including agencies, regulators, platform owners and government.

Our members represent over 3000 brands across a range of sectors.

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