New options for reporting Events, Awards, Social Media and Digital Products

We’re pleased to announce that, via our Reporting Standards Groups, we’ve updated our Standards for a number of products, to offer greater flexibility in what media owners can report. 

Event Attendance

With the increase in hybrid events, we’re pleased to announce that total attendance for both the in-person and online elements of an event can now be reported on the same certificate.

As well as showing separate totals for each element, there is also the option to include the de-duplicated total across the whole event, where each individual is only counted once.

If it suits the event’s particular narrative and/or is requested by buyers, additional information and analyses can also be included, such as repeat visits, job titles or company activity. These options are available for a variety of events, including trade shows, consumer shows, online events and webinars.

Event Ticket Sales and Awards Seat Sales

Consolidated under a single Reporting Standard, ticket sales for events and awards can now be reported on a separate certificate as an alternative to showing on a Brand or Group Report. For simplicity, ticket price information can also be reported as an option.

Social Media and Digital Products

Previously confined to Brand and Group Reports, media owners may now report these products on separate certificates as well as, or instead of, them appearing on a Brand or Group Report. Under the Digital Products Standards, price and other information can be reported as an option.

We’re delighted to deliver further simplification and flexibility to our reporting, helping clients to demonstrate their reach and raise the visibility of their multiple platforms,” said Jan Pitt, Commercial Director at ABC.

The availability of ABC audited figures and breakdowns gives peace of mind to media buyers and planners, as demonstrated in our recent agency survey. We’re here to make it easy for media owners to share these, as ABC verified data can be the deciding factor that encourages buyers to invest.

To discuss getting your event or any of your products ABC certified, please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1442 200 767 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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