ABC launches verification service to reduce risk of exposure to ad-fraud

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ABC is pleased to announce the launch of its online anti ad-fraud verification programme.

This follows the recent announcement by JICWEBS of a recognised, industry-agreed set of Good Practice Principles for reducing the risk of exposure to ad fraud.

The role of ABC, as a JICWEBS-approved Verification Provider, will be to independently assess and report compliance with the Principles. JICWEBS will then issue the company a Seal of Compliance once it has been successfully verified.

ABC’s verification process will involve reviewing information about the ad fraud education, policies and technical solutions operated by each business. This includes aspects such as campaign ROIs, ad inventory sources, anti-fraud technology and use of specialist vendor products. The first compliance Seals are expected to be issued to Signatory companies later this year.

Anti-fraud compliance is the latest addition to ABC’s growing portfolio of independent process verification services.  ABC also currently provides a ‘stamp of trust’ to digital ad trading services which cover online brand safetycontent verification toolsviewability and Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA).

Mark Finney, Director of Media & Advertising, ISBA, said, “Ad fraud is the single biggest threat to the industry and everyone must play their part in the fight against it. The launch of ABC’s verification programme to JICWEBS Good Practice Principles is a significant step forward in this fight.  We encourage our members to work with partners who support the work being done by the industry to reduce online ad fraud, and who are willing to demonstrate this commitment with the ABC stamp of trust.”

Simon Redlich, CEO ABC comments, “We’re delighted to be approved by JICWEBS as a Verification Provider for their anti-fraud Good Practice Principles. We look forward to delivering our independent reports on company compliance with these industry-agreed Principles. Trust is paramount in this complex area and ABC verification will help to develop a safer, more transparent digital ad trading environment.”


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