ABC launches first Worldwide Brand Report

The Economist


The Economist demonstrates trusted global reach with new ABC report

ABC is pleased to announce the launch today of its first Worldwide Brand Report. This innovative new offering allows brands and media groups to demonstrate independently-audited reach across multiple platforms and also across different global regions.

The Economist is the first brand to sign up for this worldwide report offering, having worked closely alongside ABC to develop the new design. The enhanced format includes colour coded diagrams and clear figures that make it easy to view total brand reach ‘at a glance’.

For media buyers looking for more granular detail, a full breakdown by media platform or geographic region can be viewed on the ABC website, and by selecting individual links within the report. As with all ABC certificates, data has been independently verified to industry-agreed standards, delivering the stamp of trust that media buyers can use to underpin their decision-making processes.

The Economist is reporting across the six global regions in which it has a presence: the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East/ Africa, and Asia Pacific. A breakdown of ABC-audited figures are presented for each region across different media platforms including magazine (print & digital editions), website and apps. Worldwide figures for the Economist’s email newsletters and social media are also included on each region’s page for ease of reference.

Michael Brunt, CMO and Managing Director of Circulation, The Economist, said, “We are happy to have partnered exclusively with ABC to create the first issued Worldwide Brand Report. The new format helps media companies like The Economist to show its true audience reach across multiple traditional and digital platforms.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive of ABC, said, “We’re delighted to issue The Economist with ABC’s first Worldwide Brand Report. In today’s evolving marketplace, media buyers are increasingly looking for cross-platform data they can trust. This new report presents ABC accredited data in an easy-to-read format, showing cross-platform metrics at a glance. The team at ABC is pleased to have worked closely with The Economist to develop this new style of report that clearly illustrates its worldwide brand reach.”

View The Economist Worldwide Brand Report


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