TS Digital Nordic and ABC UK launches Viewability Certification in the Nordic countries

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Every year advertisers pay for online advertising which is never seen. In a step to bring transparency to the market TS Digital Nordic is launching Viewability Certification in the Nordic countries in partnership with ABC UK. The initiative is launched with support from several industry associations.

The objective of the audit is to verify if a measurement or advertising product is capable of counting viewable impressions in accordance with the JICWEBS Viewability Product Principles. Together with ABC TS Digital Nordic is launching a certification that is in demand on the market.

-  "ABC UK sees the launch of Viewability certification together with TS Digital Nordic as an important step for the advertising market.Trust and transparency are essential for all forms of ad trading.” Says Simon Redlich, Chief Executive, ABC

In the Certification Programme, “capable” is defined as: once configured, the product consistently measures and reports viewable impressions as expected under a variety of scenarios in a test environment.

IAB Sweden recommends the certification in their Measurement Guidelines for Viewability.

-  IAB Sweden strives for increased transparency between Viewability measurement providers. Therefore this certification is recommended in the IAB Sweden Measurement Guidelines for Viewability, says Charlotte Thur, CEO IAB Sweden.

The Association of Swedish advertisers support the certification initiative.

-  To audit and certify digital advertising is very much asked for by us, the advertisers. We are looking forward to closely cooperate with TS Digital Nordic regarding these questions and fully support this initiative, says Anders Ericson CEO, Association of Swedish Advertisers.

The JICWEBS industry-agreed principles set minimum benchmarks for product functionality and require that a product can support any viewability metric definition, based on time and percentage in view. This enables the industry to trade using viewable ad impressions on a campaign by campaign basis.

TS Digital Nordic about its new initiative

-  We are seeing greater responsibility within the digital media industry. There is a major shift in where the business is going from delivered to viewable impressions. At the same time Programmatic is changing the whole ad-market. With many possibilities and challenges we are happy that TS can offer both new and old customers new services that will increase the trust in the digital ad business, says Lars Björkman.


Visit www.ts.se/digitalnordic or contact Lars Björkman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +46 733 94 59 59


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