ABC joins agenda21 on stage at the 614 Group Brand Safety Summit

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We’re delighted to be partnering with media agency agenda21 on stage at the 614 Group’s 2019 Brand Safety Summit on Thursday 9th May.

In our session, entitled ‘The Benefits of Auditing  - a joint case study with agenda21 and ABC’, we’ll be demystifying what goes on behind the scenes of a brand safety audit, with practical insights into the areas we look at and the types of work we carry out. We’ll also explore what some of the industry standards mean in practice, and the ways you can use the certification in discussions with clients and in your marketing.

The purpose is to provide a clear, honest account of what’s it’s like to go through an independent audit process and the real benefits that companies like agenda21 (and their clients) see as a result.

The session will be delivered by Leena Vara-Patel, Operations & Ad Tech Director at agenda21, Clare Langstaff, Audit Manager at ABC, and chaired by Andy Flint, ABC’s Head of Business Development.

The 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit has been running annually since 2014. This year it will bring together over 150 media executives for a full day of informative conversations and collaborative workshops on this hot topic. The event creates a place for leaders to exchange ideas and best practices.

For more information or to register for the event, please go to

About The 614 Group
We are a results-driven digital advertising infrastructure consultancy, providing strategic and tactical services to our clients. Our unparalleled experience, network, and talent generate the ideal blend of visionary and executional support services which are completely customized to each client's capabilities and goals. Through our original content, live events, and research, we empower our core publisher market, as well as the industry-at-large, with cutting-edge education and resources.

With more than 30 consultants across three top global markets, The 614 Group seamlessly manages both the strategic and operational elements of an engagement. Our philosophy of building long-term partnerships with our clients drives us to evolve our offerings in tandem with a constantly innovating marketplace, ensuring client growth within the digital advertising ecosystem and beyond.

About agenda21

agenda21 is a modern media agency built for the constantly changing digital world and exists to  shorten the time between a client’s media investment and great stuff happening. They do this by building connected media that is addressable, ad-servable or conditionally delivered with the purpose of liberating your creative messages and business.  Their teams work to leverage the power of media across paid search, social, digital audio, out-of-home, addressable TV, programmatic display and SEO (search engine optimisation) across  technical, content and distribution.  When used properly this media and the data captured, creates stories that become the intelligence engine that drives what clients do, meaning they can act now and act fast.

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ABC releases data for the UK media industry to use when trading advertising. Our audits can cover your whole brand.

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