ABC Figures show 1.68 billion national newspapers circulated in 2019

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A new industry agreed ABC figure for the national newspaper sector clearly illustrates the scale of today’s printed newspaper market.

Our new Total Circulated Copies figure represents the complete number of copies distributed by media owners, as audited by us to common standards. Calculated by multiplying the number of issues for each title by their monthly ABC figure, then aggregating these across the year, we can reveal that 1.68 Billion national newspapers were circulated throughout 2019.

According to research by Newsworks, the marketing body for national newspapers, consumers are 50% more likely to engage with advertising encountered in a quality environment. In addition, getting print newsbrand share right can actually double campaign efforts.

Adam Crow, Head of Press at Mediacom, said, “Newsbrands remain a key route to market for many of our clients, with print continuing to play a pivotal role. The uniqueness of ABC information brings the market into sharp focus and is therefore highly valued. It’s brilliant to see a trusted total figure which truly demonstrates the scale this sector still possesses.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “The trusted, actionable data we provide for newsbrands is one of the reasons why buyers recognise this sector as a premium environment for ad spend. We’re delighted to have worked with our media owner and buyer representatives to deliver a figure that demonstrates the impressive scale of the sector.”

The latest annual Total Circulated Copies figure can be viewed by ABC members and subscribers at any time via our Data Hub.

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