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data made simple

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new, simplified data page that means - for the very first time - visitors to our website can access all current ABC data products in one easy-to-use table.

Updated daily at midday, this new website feature enables users to sort through our data using filters such as reporting period, sector, product and media owner to find the latest headline figures for any registered ABC product. There’s no need to log in, and the ease of finding titles across different sectors or platforms means users don’t need to source data from various pages or certificates to find timely headline data.

"ABC is synonymous with transparency, and this latest development makes it even easier to access the audited data our members provide. We hope it’s a useful resource for those wanting a swift and simple way to view the latest headline ABC data and access the supporting detail."
Simon Redlich, Chief Executive, ABC

If members and paid data subscribers want a more in-depth dive after exploring the headline figures, it’s easy to navigate from the new page through to each sector’s Data Hub where deeper analyses of the data (including comparisons with past reporting periods) can be carried out.

Features at a glance:

  • No need to log in
  • Headline figures for all ABC registered products
  • Search, Sort and Filter the data
  • Right click to access full PDF certificate
  • ABC members & paid data subscribers can sign in to view more detail and trends over time

View the new data page now

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