Media buyers attitudes revealed in our latest survey


The number of media buyers and planners that would pay more for independently audited media has grown, according to the results of our latest media buyer and planner research survey.

73% of respondents we surveyed in January 2022 agreed they would pay more for independently audited media, an increase of 3% compared to the results of a similar survey we conducted in 2019.

The purpose of this research was to gain up-to-date insights into how buyers and planners use ABC and other measurement data. Respondents comprised 105 individuals from 50 different agencies, all of whom buy and plan print advertising as part of their role. Using a Likert scale, recipients were asked to rate their responses to various statements.

The survey also revealed an increase in buyer and planner agreement to a variety of other statements compared to 2019. For example, 94% of respondents viewed census-based data as a vital element of media measurement (an increase of 6%) and 84% agreed that ABC data is helpful as a ‘sense check’ for other measurements (an impressive increase of 24%).

Other notable results include:

  • 85% of buyers and planners are wary of self-reported data
  • 91% agree they use ABC data to understand how published media reaches people
  • 89% agree ABC data saves them time that they would otherwise need to spend checking facts

More insights can be viewed in our infographic.

Jan Pitt, Commercial Director at ABC, comments, “It’s perhaps not surprising to see that, over the last two turbulent years, buyers and planners are reporting an even greater reliance on ABC’s trusted, comparable data and valuing the reassurance it brings. Our publisher members should be understandably proud of the verified data they’re providing to support advertisers and their agencies, whilst also demonstrating the integrity and reach of their brands in both print and digital formats.”

Read our article in The Media Leader for further discussion on the results and exclusive insights from media buyer and planner respondents.
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