Content Verification (CV)

The growth of programmatic advertising has led to an increased risk for brands when advertising online.

The latest CV Report from ABC shows:

  • What Content Verification tools are
  • How the industry is bringing transparency and trust through JICWEBS and the Content Verification Product Principles
  • Who has been tested by ABC to these Principles
  • How they've been tested
  • The results of these tests

Certified CV Products





vCE Validation


Real Time Ad Blocking

Integral Ad Science

The Adsafe Firewall


To register your product for Content Verification testing and to find out more information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"comScore is committed to providing the highest level of brand safety for advertisers, minimising the risk of ad misplacement and protecting the reputation of brands. We are pleased to receive accreditation from the ABC again this year in the UK, as it highlights our commitment to bring transparency to the industry and help advertisers to make sure ads had a chance to make a real impact." 
Duncan Trigg, comScore Senior Vice President of Advertising Effectiveness.

 “We're proud that the ABC has certified DoubleVerify impression quality services for the fourth consecutive year. We are committed to helping brands deliver the highest quality digital media that will drive maximum performance."
Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify.

“Integral is once again pleased to be part of ABC's Certification Programme. Content Verification remains a key focus for buyers and sellers in today's quickly evolving digital ecosystem, and Integral Ad Science is committed to providing an industry accredited tool to online advertisers, platforms and sellers to help them better manage inventory.”
Phillip Hayman, Head of Sales Engineering EMEA, Integral Ad Science