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The best Business Media brands engage their audience across multiple platforms. ABC’s Total Audience certificate is our first hybrid offer, bringing together census and research data, to provide net audience figures across platforms including print, online and digital editions.

Total Audience is a detailed estimate of the net number of individuals who, in a given publication period, consume a brand’s content via any combination of content-hosting platforms. Our Total Audience certification delivers an average figure across a specified period.

Key features

Flexible reporting of net brand performance
Census and research data is combined through a process of data integration to deliver a net audience figure. Most engaged users measured. Certification is flexible, allowing you to report the platforms you use at a frequency relevant to your business model.

Industry standards
Census data is governed by ABC and JICWEBS Industry Standards, whilst research data is governed by PPA Business Media endorsed research standards. Data integration systems are provided by an ABC Associate approved by ABC, giving confidence that all elements of the process meet industry standards.

Delivering confidence and comparability
Comparable and transparent standards give media buyers and advertisers confidence in the data. ABC’s Total Audience certification was developed in collaboration with industry experts from the PPA Business Media Group, PwC, the ABC Business Media Reporting Standards Group and independent consultants.

Total Audience Flow

Reporting Options

The Total Audience Certificate can cover a three, six or twelve month reporting period, giving you the ability to choose the period that best reflects your business model.

Typical platform combinations might include; 

  • Print audience
  • Website users (registered users and/or anonymous users)
  • Tablet app users
  • Smartphone app users

Bringing together census and research data

As well as providing the Total Audience Certificate, Standard ABC Certificates are integrated into the Total Audience package so there are no additional ABC fees for your Brand. ABC will audit data for each platform to be reported, in line with the relevant industry standards. You will need to contract with an approved research provider (MRS qualified company or individual) and an ABC-approved data integrator and these suppliers must enter into a formal tripartite agreement with yourself and ABC to produce a Total Audience Certificate.


To achieve a Total Audience Certificate a publisher must register with ABC for the scheme by completing a registration form for the brand and the platforms to be measured. Third party supplier details must be confirmed at the point of registration.


There are three elements to the cost of conducting a Total Audience Project resulting in the issue of an ABC Total Audience Certificate.

  • ABC Fees- arranged with ABC
  • Research fees- arranged with your research company.
  • Data Integration fees – arranged with an ABC Associate Data Integrator.

ABC Fees

A single multi-platform subscription fee covers the brand and all platforms to be measured on your Total Audience Certificate.

  • Membership of ABC for the Brand and platforms that are reported on the Total Audience Certificate
  • Initial registration, consultation and planning of work
  • Auditing of all platforms of the brand and production of platform specific ABC Certificates
  • Liaison with third-party research companies and data integrators to co-ordinate the generation of the Total Audience Certificate
  • Overall assurance and production of the Total Audience Certification to Standard ABC Format
ABC -Set up and Subscription Fees 

Annual Multiplatform Subscription Fee


Certification and project fee (per certificate)



Indicative  ABC Audit Fees* 

2 platforms e.g. web and print


3 platforms eg web, print and digital edition


4 platforms eg web, print digital edition and email


*Note: Audit fees are bespoke -dependent on the number of platforms to be included and  complexity of audit above fees are for example only.

Data Integration Fees

ABC Approved Associates: Fee list

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

PwC2 Platforms3 platforms4 Platforms

One Title




Two Titles (per title)




Three Titles(per title)




Four plus titles (per title)




Research Fees

By arrangement with your supplier.

More Information

For more information about the new Total Audience Certificate or for a quotation based on your requirements, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For full details of the Reporting Standards for the Total Audience Certificate – Business Media click here