Audits - Events

Our role within the event industry:

ABC has two principle roles:

  1. To provide the expertise and infrastructure to help event organisers and exhibitors to maintain and develop a set of standards which allow for comparable reporting of event attendance figures and other data

  2. To provide an industry recognised auditing service to member events to verify they are reporting their data according to these industry agreed standards

What do we deliver?

We are able to audit the attendance at:

  • Trade Events

  • Consumer Events

  • Virtual Events

  • Conference and Awards

There are two type of certification you can choose from:

The Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of AttendanceThis is the entry level certificate for trade events and standard for consumer, which provides audited figures for the Total Unique Attendance/Total Attendance.

This is reported by Visitor Attendance and Exhibitor Attendance for Trade and Total Attendance for Consumer events

An organiser’s description explaining the target audience and main products/services exhibited is also included. Certification of the number of stands and the stand space occupied is an optional extra.

A Profile Certificate of Attendance (Trade only)

Profile CertificateThis is a more detailed certificate providing additional data. It delivers audited demographics of the Total Unique Attendees – reported by; Visitor Attendance and Exhibitor Attendance.

If you choose this option you will need to provide analysis of geographic area, job title/function and company activity. Analysis of any other auditable demographics that you collect can be included on the certificate (POA) – it’s up to you!

What does it cost?

As an Industry-owned, non-profit distributing member organisation the costs we quote are set by your industry, recognising the need to cover the actual cost of delivering the audits to you (and the member services we offer). The annual membership fee (per event) is £238 and for a standard audit our fees start at £713 for trade and £1,160 for consumer events.

Key Benefits

Audited data is respected and valued by the market. This is an investment in your business underpinning your claims with the Industry recognised stamp of trust.

Evolving Certification

As an event organiser you can combine your live and virtual attendance along with perhaps the social media activity leading up to and during the event on a Multi-Platform Report. This is a great way to display your brand’s touch points.

You can also now include two or more audited trade or two or more audited consumer events on a combined group certificate. The headline attendance figures can then be added together.

Promoting your certificate

Once you have released your ABC certificate you can take advantage of our free marketing support. Here are some examples:

ABC button

ButtonThis allows you to promote your recently released attendance figure – great to place on your website and within corresponding marketing.

It also acts as a link to your certificate that sits on our website.

Case Study

Case StudyThis is a great way to tell your ABC story. This is a template document that you complete, with our help and will include a quote from our CEO. You can also include a quote from an exhibitor. This gives a key indication that you have met with industry agreed standards and a fantastic selling tool.

Sitting in the “Join ABC” area on our website it will give you that added visibility and differentiate you from your competition.

If you would like to discuss having your attendance figures certified, whether it be an event, conference, awards; live or virtual and take advantage of our free marketing support then contact Alden Arnold - email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call him on 01442 200743.

What our customers say...

Samantha Pearce, Marketing Manager, The National Wedding Shows: “The annual ABC Audit of our National Wedding group of events is hugely important to our business. It brings transparency to our audience numbers, enabling us to market ourselves as the UK’s biggest wedding show. This is a key differentiator between us and our competitors, and very valuable for both our Marketing  and Sales teams.”

It is also crucial for our sales staff who use it as a tool to generate revenues and, in my opinion, should be used by all event organisers to enhance the reputation and promote our industry as a whole.”