Anti Ad Fraud Verification

Created by JICWEBS, the Anti-Fraud Technical and Commercial Working Groups are made up of representatives from the entire UK online advertising industry.

These working groups aim to minimize the risk of exposure to ad fraud and have developed the JICWEBS Anti-Fraud Principles. The end objective is to ensure that advertisers only pay for valid ad impressions.   

Our role is to independently assess whether a business is compliant with the Anti-Fraud Principles. Upon successful completion of an audit by us, businesses will be issued a Certificate and Seal of Compliance from JICWEBS, demonstrating their commitment to fighting ad fraud.

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See below for our list of Anti Ad Fraud certified businesses:

Organisation Date seal is valid to Reports/Certificates
Affectv new white full  January 2018  View
R1 logo solo RGB 11 January 2018   View


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